Filozofická Fakulta


For International students


The study at the Department focuses on one of the most important segments of the development of society as a whole – the area of human resources care and the issues relating to human resources management and education. Typically of this branch of study, aspects relevant to these processes – rather than being viewed on a utilitarian basis – are addressed within a broader humanistic concept and context as it is taught at a traditionally humanities-oriented university within, what is more, the Faculty of Arts. Accordingly, the concept of this branch of study is designed in accordance with the mission of the studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, along with adhering to the study programme (Pedagogy). At the same time, emphasis is laid on the employability of graduates and the requirement of practice.

The concept of this branch of study has also been developed according to the economic, social and educational policies of the EU, aimed at the comprehensive development of its citizens. The study programmes focus on adult education and learning, human resources management and consultancy in all areas of this branch, including consultancy in the area of educational and social policies.