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The Erasmus exchange programme is focused on the mobility and cooperation of education in Europe at the university level. Activities of the Erasmus programme are intended for:

  • University students who want to study and work abroad;

  • University teachers and lecturers from companies who want to teach abroad;

  • University employees who are interested in education in foreign countries.

The Erasmus programme additionally supports cooperation between university institutions through intensive programmes, multilateral networks and projects.

The Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management has entered into contracts with the following Universities, or Faculties:




Number of placement available per year


Finland, Rovaniemi,

University of Lapland, Faculty of Education



Sweden, Linköping,

Linköping University, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Denmark, Copenhagen a Aarhus,

Danish School of Education

2 only Follow-up Master´s degree programme students


Germany, Münster,

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institut für Allgemeine Erziehungswissenschaft




Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg, Fakultät für Humanwissenschaften, Institut für Pädagogik


Francie, Lille,

Université Charles de Gaulle Lille 3, Sciences humaines et sociale


Itálie, Universita di Verona  2

Polsko, Krakow

Universytet Pedagogiczny


Slovinsko, Ljubljana 2


The selection (placement) proceedings take place at the Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management in March of every year, for both study periods of winter and summer semester of the following academic year. For the selection proceedings, students must present a motivation letter (approx. 2 pages), containing the following:

a)    A description of student’s previous academic progress and the perspective of his/her chosen area of study within the department;

b)    An outline of the contribution expected from the study stay abroad;

c)    A proposal of the study plan – a list of chosen lectures and courses (learning agreement) and their equivalents within the study programme of the Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management.

The selection proceedings themselves are conducted in the form of interviews held in front of a placement commission.

For more information, please see the section on the site of Erasmus Foreign Department of Faculty of Arts.

The Erasmus coordinator at the Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management is PhDr. Martin Kopecký, Ph.D.


Incoming students


Basic information for incoming students is available at the Web page of the Faculty of Arts  (see especially the visiting students section).

Every semester, the department offers 1-2 courses in English which are especially geared toward foreign students:  Active Citizenship, Identity and Adult Learning; Communication in Organizations; Intercultural Competence in Educational Process.