Filozofická Fakulta

What we teach


Characteristics of the Bachelor’s Degree Study Programme


Aside from helping them to acquire theoretical and expert knowledge, this branch of study aims to develop students’ professional competencies. In other words, it provides students with an opportunity to achieve the first degree of academic education, along with furthering their occupational qualifications in this field.

With its multidisciplinary character, the study programme consists of lectures, seminars and practicums (including short-term professional practice), which are designed to allow students to gain expert, methodological and theoretical qualifications and competencies in the field of the social sciences and related branches (pedagogy, andragogy, psychology, social psychology, sociology, economy, philosophy, law, etc.). To help them acquire expertise, the programme also focuses on adult didactics, professional and leisure education, personnel management and personnel activities as well as methods of personnel work and methods of social research.


Characteristics of the Master’s Degree Study Programme


The follow-up Master’s degree programme also has a multidisciplinary character. Theoretical, expert and methodological qualifications and competencies in the fields of the social sciences and related branches, gained within the preceding Bachelor’s programme studies, are further developed and deepened through the use of lectures, seminars and practicums, supplemented with the most recent findings and information in accordance with the current state of scientific knowledge.

Unlike the Bachelor’s´ degree programme, the follow-up Master’s degree programme allows students to become professionally oriented and to specialize within the narrowing scope of their chosen combination of restricted elective and optional subjects. In view of this, this study programme offers an opportunity to concentrate on vocational education, leisure and citizenship education, adult didactics or personnel management.